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                                                          Stop Alcohol Addiction  Hypnosis Program


Re-program your subconscious, your neurology and re-design your life in a way that you can deal with the issues that brought about alcohol addiction, that you can not only face your challenges in a constructive and life-affirming way, but that you can actually begin to feel alive and enjoy your life once again.

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 Prolegomenon to the Metaphysics of Recovery

"Entering the world of recovery from addiction can be like exploring a vast, frightening and unknown continent without maps, guides or landmarks of any kind - despite the fact such such maps, guides and landmarks exist in bounteous plenty if only those in need of them were able and willing to make use of them. But usually it is not so; and the perplexed alcoholic or addict, a rugged and defiant individualist to the end typically insists upon making and discovering his own way. And perhaps at bottom this is the essential nature of the journey, which after all is as unique, individual and personal as the solitary soul making the trek.

"Addiction, both in its active and recovery stages, teaches nothing if not the limitations and boundaries of language and conceptual thought. In the last analysis recovery from addiction, like much if not indeed most of life, is experiential and performative, not abstract and theoretical. Words, ideas, theories, models and concepts can take one but so far. In most cases they serve well enough if they guide the explorer into the general ball park in which his own highly individual and personal discoveries must, if they are to be meaningful and valid, take place through his own frequently trial and error tactics. One learns to ride a bicycle, after all, by getting on the bike and struggling to make it balance and go where he wants, not by studying the craft of bicycle construction or the theory of bicycle riding." From the article.

Resistancesto AA Attendance

"Given all of the powerful obstacles and resistance to AA attendance and acceptance, the wonder is not that so many alcoholics refuse to go to meetings or, if they go, decline to return - but that any at all do so and that at least some of these keep going back until they are able to connect with the program and begin to receive help from it." From the article.

What is Recovery

"Recovery at its simplest and indeed in its essence is about nothing more or less than the recovery of life itself. It is about getting back something of value(life), not merely giving up something that is strongly desired(addiction). For addiction, which seems to be the friend and even the enhancer of life, is in reality its deadliest and most incorrigible adversary. Addiction by its very nature is a form of bondage, even slavery(L. addictere, to be bound to another). Recovery is the recovery of life and of freedom." From the article.

Why is recovery so hard

"Addiction invades and destroys the self the way a malignant tumor invades and destroys the body. Time is required for this process to develop, just as time is required for a tumor to spread and infiltrate healthy tissue. In the case of addiction, as in the case of most cancers, the longer the process has been underway, the more difficult it is to halt or reverse it. And also like most cancers, addiction may recur and spread further even after initial efforts to treat it appeared successful.

"As time goes on and addiction is continuously active, the self becomes progressively warped, distorted, and organized around the goals of the addiction rather than the normal and healthy goals of the free and growing personality. This resembles the shift from a pluralistic democratic society to a monolithic totalitarian dictatorship. At the extreme limit of the addictive process the individual has become an obvious and often pitiful slave of the addiction and has relinquished or subordinated every other interest and value in his life to his absolute ruler, addiction. But long before matters reach such an obvious stage, the personality has been under the spell of addiction and thus has been directed insidiously toward the goals of the addiction rather than the legitimate ends of the individual himself." From the article.

Worried Sick About His Drinking

"The wife of the drinking alcoholic believes herself to be in a troubled relationship with the person who drinks too much. But, at least in the more advanced cases, she is actually in a relationship with the addictive process itself. And because the single and absolute goal of the addiction itself is sheer survival of the addiction, no matter how high the human costs may be, her emotional involvement and influence are hopelessly one-sided. Addiction is a natural, biological and fundamentally inhuman process that responds poorly, if at all, to common sense measures aimed at ordinary human rationality, compassion and concern." From the article.

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